Team vPhrase

vPhrase has made it to the list of Analytics India Magazine's top 10 emerging analytics startup in India to watch out in 2019.

vPhrase has been able to generate many use cases from various industries, working with clients such as Kotak Bank, HDFC Securities, ICICI Lombard Insurance, Star India, Abbott Pharma, and more. vPhrase is now expanding internationally, and started working with the likes of Fidelity International, ABB, and OCBC.

Digital Media India

vPhrase CEO speaks about "Growing role of artificial intelligence in newsrooms" at Digital Media India Summit 2019.

AI is now being used in the newsroom to write a variety of data-driven stories; stories related to company earnings, crime, price trends and finance, among others. Times network is using vPhrase’s AI software Phrazor to turn large data sets to readable reports.

Fintegrate Zone

vPhrase CEO speaks about "AI for business intelligence" at Fintegrate Zone 2019.

vPhrase has launched a bunch of new products on top of its AI platform, out of which one acts a narrative plugin on top of modern BI platforms like Tableau, Qlik and Power BI, other creates insightful videos and another one is a smart data exploration tool with Natural Language Generation capabilities.

Technoviti Awards

vPhrase is voted as the Most Innovative Platform at Technoviti Awards 2019 by the CXOs from across BFSI sector.

vPhrase’s AI product Phrazor summarizes data into a few bullet points. These bullet points highlight the key insights needed for decision making. Phrazor has the ability to trasform processes and helps in saving the time spent on analysing numbers or interpreting dashboards.

Aegis Graham bell awards

vPhrase's product "Phrazor" is awarded as Best Innovation in Data Science at the Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2019.

Companies want actionable insights with minimum effort and that’s what Phrazor as a platform provides by giving a few insightful bullet points from huge datasets, making life simpler for managers across sectors to comprehend data reports and conclude the findings.

CIO choice awards

vPhrase's AI product "Phrazor" is voted the best Business Intelligence platform by CIOs.

vPhrase’s platform uses its novel technology to automate and add value to performance reports, customer statements and financial reports, helping managers from large industries to take data driven decisions quickly.