Nowadays, customers are demanding quick and quality services than ever before. They expect you to understand their requirements and communicate with them personally. They easily identify bulk emails or marketing messages and send it straight to trash.

With Phrazor, you can engage with every customer or prospect one-to-one by sending them personalized communication at a machine scale level. 

Phrazor writes personalized reports using natural language to add meaning to dry data, making it easier for your customers to comprehend better.  It also auto-generates reports in multiple languages, allowing you to communicate with each of them in the language they would understand best.


Portfolio statements can get overwhelming for even the savviest investors let alone normal investors. With Phrazor, you can make their lives easier and also improve engagement rates by sharing easy-to-understand language-based portfolio statements.


There are thousands of companies that trade on stock exchange. It can be extremely expensive, to hire analysts for conducting quarterly research on every company. Also, your customers won’t just rely on your company reports and restrict their trading options. In such a scenario, how do you help your investors without burning a hole in your pocket? Welcome, Phrazor. Phrazor can write earnings analysis and detailed research reports on all the listed companies in just a few hours.

These are just some of the many use-cases which Phrazor executes to help improve your customer engagement process. To learn more about how Phrazor can help you, write to us.

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