Sony Pictures Network India is a leading player in the film and television industry. The data procured every week is approximately 3.4 GB in size and contains viewership details based on various genres, age groups, markets, and geographies.

Sony leverages vPhrase’s natural language generation (NLG) platform, Phrazor, to create custom automated reports with narrative insights that help managers to make effective decisions accurately.

Tarak Mehta ka ooltah cashman


The report creation time for Sony has reduced from 15 hours to barely 15 minutes.
Business performance and insights team conduct analysis for various business areas in response to their analytical queries– namely; channel performance report, market share analysis and many more. Before Phrazor, the process of gathering data and generating insights from it used to take an estimated time of 15 hours but that entire effort was reduced to 15 minutes.


  • Report generation process was time-consuming
  • The manual analysis methods didn’t account for any changes in the KPIs
  • Detailed and precise analysis from copious amount of data was difficult to perform


Phrazor was deployed to analyse the weekly TV viewership data and provided  Sony with following solutions

  • Process large volumes of data within a few seconds
  • The reports generated by Phrazor covers 7 genres, each of which has separate KPIs
  •  Phrazor generates narratives with visuals to explain them


Real- time report generation

Time saved

Report generation time reduced from 15 hours to 15 minutes

Quick decision making

Better decisions made

Having insights explained in natural language, versus just charts, improved the overall understanding of the situation, leading to a better decision being taken.

Improve efficiency

Cost reduced

Insights generated immediately vs insights delivered in a few days time increased the overall efficiency.


Sushma Chopra

Head – IT Applications, Sony Pictures Networks

Would like to thank the vPhrase team for doing a great job on narrative analytics at SPN. Overall experience has been very good and the team we interacted with has been proactive and professional in execution of tasks. They have a good appreciation of deadlines. And are able to manage them well due to their technical expertise on the product. 

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